mpC Workshop Users Guide
       mpC Workshop Users Guide Overview
       mpC Workshop Features
             mpC Workshop Features Overview
             mpC Workshop Advantages
             mpC Workshop Architecture
             mpC Daemon
             mpC Adviser
             Virtual Parallel Machines (VPMs)
             Distributed Projects
             Parallel Debugging
             mpC Workshop Windows
                   mpC Workshop Windows Overview
                   Text Editor Window
                   Output Window
                   Workspace Window
                   Watch Window
                   Quick Watch Window
                   Debug Info Window
                   Current Cursor Window
       Working with VPMs
             Virtual Parallel Machines (VPMs) Overview
             Adding a New VPM
             Editing an Existing VPM
             Removing VPMs
             Selecting a VPM
       Working with Projects
             Distributed Projects Overview
             Creating a New Project
             Opening an Existing Project
             Setting Current Target
             Adding/removing Targets
             Adding/removing Builds
             Adding/removing Files
             Connecting to Server
             Building the Current Target
             Running Parallel Programs
             Changing settings
                   Changing Project Settings
                   Changing Target Settings
                   Changing Build Settings
                   Changing File Settings
                   Project Settings Dialog Options
       Text Editor
             Text Editor Overview
             About Syntax Coloring
             Customizing the Text Editor
             Finding and Replacing Text
             Navigating in Files
             Editing Text
             Managing Files
                   Creating a New File
                   Opening a File
                   Saving Files
                   Printing a File
             Debugger Overview
             Managing Cursors
                   Cursors Overview
                   Splitting/Merging Cursors
                   Changing Cursor Color
                   Setting Network Filter
             Moving Commands
                   Moving Commands Overview
                   Go Command
                   Go to cursor Command
                   Step into Command
                   Step over Command
                   Step out Command
             Managing Breakpoints
                   Breakpoints Overview
                   Setting Breakpoints
                   Removing Breakpoints
                   Disabling/Enabling Breakpoints
                   Changing Breakpoint Condition
                   Setting "ignore count" of a Breakpoint
             Managing Watchpoints
                   Watchpoints Overview
                   Setting Watchpoints
                   Removing Watchpoints
                   Disabling/Enabling Watchpoints
                   Changing watchpoint Condition
                   Setting "ignore count" of a Watchpoint
             Managing Displays
                   Displays Overview
                   Modifying Displays
                   Removing Displays
                   Setting Displays
             Debugging programs
                   Debugging Programs Overview
                   Preparing Programs for Debugging
                   Debugger Windows
                   Debugger Dialog Boxes
                   Using Spreadsheet Fields
                   Viewing the Value of a Variable
                   Using Break Info window
                   Managing Breakpoints
                   Managing Watchpoints
                   Managing Displays
                   Running to a Location
                   Stepping into Functions
                   Stepping over or out of a Function
                   Viewing Call Stacks
                   Working with mpC daemon
                   Working with current cursor