mpC Workshop Advantages

mpC Workshop includes text editor, mpC compiler and source-level parallel mpC debugger. The main advantage of the mpC parallel debugger is that it allows a user to look at a parallel program as a whole, unlike other parallel debuggers, which treat a parallel program as a set of separate processors communicating with each other.

The editor implements all of the standard functions that are expected in a programming editor: source code indenting, syntax coloring, full text search facilities and context help.

The mpC parallel debugger is the main part of mpC Workshop. The mpC parallel debugger has many advantages for debugging of parallel programs over conventional Windows debuggers such as Microsoft Visual Debugger. And what is more the mpC debugger is the first really parallel debugger for Windows platform. It allows you:

Another feature of the mpC Workshop is VPM (Virtual Parallel Machine) management tool. A Virtual Parallel Machine represents a network of computers on which an mpC program will be executed. VPM mechanism provides especially useful means for mpC programs debugging and execution.

mpC Workshop also provides facilities for managing distributed projects. If the VPM consists of computers with different platforms then at least one executable must be build for each platform. Distributed project allows you to build all the executables with one click.