Viewing Call Stacks

Usually a parallel program consists of more than one processes and each process has its call stack. The mpC debugger allows you to view call stack of each process as well as to change current call stack position. You can choose a process from the dropdown list at the top of the Call stack tab of the Debug info window and you see the call stack for this process on the pane. You can apply network filter to the Call stack tab. When you change current call stack position for a process, all values for this process displayed in the Watch window are colored in red (see Setting network filter).

To view the call stack for a process

  1. While the program is paused in break mode, on the View menu, click Debug Windows, then click Call Stack.

  2. Choose a process from the dropdown list at the top of Call stack tab. On the pane you can see functions names, source files for each function and the line corresponding to the call point.

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