Setting "ignore count" of a Breakpoint

A special case of a breakpoint condition (see Changing breakpoint condition) is to stop only when the breakpoint has been reached a certain number of times. This is so useful that there is a special way to do it, using the "ignore count" of the breakpoint. Every breakpoint has an ignore count, which is an integer. Most of the time, the ignore count is zero, and therefore has no effect. But if your program reaches a breakpoint whose ignore count is positive, then instead of stopping, it just decrements the ignore count by one and continues. As a result, if the ignore count value is N, the breakpoint does not stop the next N times your program reaches it.

To set an ignore count value of a breakpoint

  1. From the Edit menu, choose Breakpoints.

  2. In the Debug Object manager dialog on the Breakpoints tab select the breakpoint you want to modify and click the Modify button.

  3. In the breakpoint dialog in the Ignore count text box, type the ignore count value. It must be integer. By default ignore count of a breakpoint is 0.

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