Preparing Programs for Debugging

When you create a new distributed project, both a Debug and a Release target are automatically created with default options set for each. Default settings for Debug target define that debug information is generated for each build in this target. For any build you can define whether debug information is generated for output file of this build or not. The mpC parallel debugger works with debug information generated by the mpC compiler only (see mpC Workshop architecture). So for the C files generated by the mpC compiler you can switch on any optimization you need. You can change settings for C compiler in the C tab of the Project settings dialog (see Project Settings dialog options).

To generate debug information for a build:

  1. Click Settings on the Project menu or right-click a build of the current target in the Workspace window and choose Settings from the context menu. The Project Settings dialog appears.

  2. In the Project Settings dialog on the Settings For pane select the build, for which you want to modify settings. On the MPC tab choose General from the list at the top.

  3. Check the Generate debug info check box.

  4. Click OK.

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