Break mode is a state of parallel program in which all the processes are stopped and some of them have reached a breakpoint or a watchpoint.

Build is settings entity. A build defines settings for one output file.

Builder is a computer, VPM node, on which one or more binary files are built.

Compound cursor is a group of process cursors corresponding to the same line in the source code.

Computing space is set of virtual processors of different performances connected with links of different communication speeds accessible to the user for management. At runtime computing space maps to the set of processes of parallel program.

Current cursor is the cursor, current position of which is displayed in the Text Editor window each time when the program stops in break mode.

Cursor (debug cursor) can be either compound cursor or process cursor depending on context.

Cursor identifier is a number assigned to cursor that equals the minimum global rank among global ranks of virtual processors comprising this cursor. Since a virtual processor can't belong to more than one cursor, there can't be two different cursors with the same identifier at the same time.

Display is expression or variable, the value of which is evaluated during program execution. Execution isnít stopped when value is changed. Value is just updated every time it changes.

Docking window is a window that has two display modes: floating or docked. In floating mode, a window has a thin title bar and can appear anywhere on your screen. A floating window is always on top of all other windows. In docked mode, a window is fixed to a dock along any of the four borders of the main application window.

Global rank of a virtual processor is a number, which is assigned to every virtual processor. Different virtual processors have different global ranks. Global rank of the host-processor is zero.

Host-processor is the virtual processor, which is defined from the beginning till the end of the mpC program execution. This processor is associated with the standard input stream.

mpC daemon is a utility that receives commands from the client part of mpC Workshop and initiates the execution of these commands.

Network is set of virtual processors, which is a region of computing space, connected with links of different communication speeds.

Network filter condition is condition that is applied to global ranks of virtual processors. The windows, to which this network filter is applied, display information for only these processes that correspond to the virtual processors satisfying the network filter condition.

Node is a computer, VPM node, which executes one or more processes of a parallel program. An executable file can't be built on node Ė only executed.

Process cursor is the current execution point of the process.

Subnetwork (of a region of computing space) is set of virtual processors, which is a subset of region of computing space.

Synchronization point is a point at which either a process communicates with other processes of a parallel program or execution is held until all the processes of some group have reached this point.

Target is a collection of builds, build entity that can be built in one or more binary files. Some of the output binary files may be built for different platforms.

Target path is the directory containing all files that are necessary for building the output file for this build. The target directory is contained in the directory specified by the environment variable
%MPCLOAD% on each builder of the current VPM.

VPM (Virtual Parallel Machine) is a set of computers on which mpC application is executed.

Virtual Processoris a node of computing space. At runtime each virtual processor maps to one process of parallel program. So the number of virtual processors equals the number of processes of parallel program.