Editing an Existing VPM

To edit an existing VPM:

  1. On the Build menu click VPM settings. If the item VPM settings is disables connect to server (see Connecting to server). The VPM manager dialog appears.

  2. Select the VPM you want to edit from the VPM settings list. Click Edit. The Edit VPM dialog appears.

  3. If you create a new VPM the VPM name text box is enabled and you must type name for the new VPM in this text box. When you edit an existing VPM the VPM name text box is disabled. In the text field you can edit VPM description. To add a new entry to the VPM description you can either manually type hostname, number of processors on the host and number of processes of a parallel program that will be executed on this host or click Add nodes, select the host you want to add to VPM, click OK and change the number of processes and the number of processors of necessary. Number of processes and number of processors are optional parameters. By default they equal to 1.

  4. Click OK or click Cancel if you changed your mind.

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