Parallel Debugging

The mpC parallel debugger is the main part of mpC Workshop. Debugging is the most difficult part of parallel programs development. When debugging a program you usually want to values of variables or expressions. In a parallel program each variable or expressions generally has as many values as the parallel program has processes. And each process may be executed on a separate computer. So to display values of some variable for all processes the debugger must have information from all the computers running the application. The mpC parallel debugger allows you to see values of any variable or expression for all processes of the debugged program. You can also restrict the number of processes, for which values of expression and variables are displayed, by setting network filter. Another feature of the mpC parallel debugger is debug cursors. The debug cursors mechanism allows you to use the moving commands, i.e. Go, Step in and so on, not for each separate process but for groups of processes. That makes the debugging process more simple and intuitive.

The mpC parallel debugger allows remote debugging. You can debug programs on cluster that is hundreds miles away from your current location. The only thing you need is a connection between your mpC workshop client and mpC workshop server running on one of machines of the remote network.

Along with the described features the mpC parallel debugger provides you with a number of facilities that make debugging of parallel programs easier than ever.

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