Creating New Project

To create a new project:

  1. On the Project menu click New. The New Project dialog appears.

  2. Specify Output file name and Project name.

  3. Specify the Location of project files.

  4. Specify the Target directory. Target directory of a project is a directory, which contains files required for building output files. The target directory is contained in the directory specified by the environment variable %MPCLOAD% on each builder of the current VPM (see Virtual Parallel Machines overview). You can specify directory contained in some other directory contained in the %MPCLOAD% directory. Target directory mustnít be Windows "full path". That is "dir1\dir2" and "dir1\dir2\dir3" are correct directory names, while "c:\dir1" and "c:\dir1\dir2" are incorrect. If the directories donít exist they are created.

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