Connecting to Server

To build and run programs your mpC Workshop client must be connected to the mpC server. The mpC server distributes the files necessary for building binaries to appropriate builders. In fact your mpC Workshop client connects to the mpC daemon and the mpC daemon interacts with the mpC server. Before connecting to server make sure that on the machine you are going to connect to the mpC daemon is started. If the daemon isn't started you must establish telnet session to this computer and start the mpC daemon with the mpcd command. You can also start the mpC daemon locally, on your machine. To do this you needn't open telnet session - just execute the mpcd command from the command line.

To connect to server:

  1. On the Build menu click Connect to server. The Connect to server dialog appears.

  2. Enter a hostname of the machine, on which the mpC server is running.

  3. - or -

    Choose one of the available machines from the list.

    - or -

    Click Advanced, and enter IP-address and port in the text boxes at the bottom of the dialog.

    - or -

    Click Local server. You can do this only if the mpC Workshop server is installed on your machine. The mpC daemon is launched on the local machine and the mpC Workshop client connects to this daemon. If you check the Hidden box no new window appears for the launched daemon. If you check the Once box the local mpC daemon is killed when you close your mpC Workshop client or when you disconnect from server.

  4. Click Connect. If connection can't be established for some reason the message box appears. Click OK to specify another hostname.

If your workshop is connected to the server then at the bottom of the main window the following picture is displayed: . Otherwise the picture is the following .