Changing File Settings

For each individual file you can specify settings overriding build settings. If the file belongs to several builds then within each new build it may have different settings. That is, if change settings for a file belonging to some build and this file belongs to another build than within that another build settings for this file aren’t changed.

To change file settings:

  1. Click Settings on the Project menu or right-click a file in the Workspace window and choose Settings from the context menu. The Project Settings dialog appears.

  2. In the Project Settings dialog on the Settings For pane select the file, for which you want to modify settings. Remember that when you change settings the same file belonging to two different projects is treated as two different files. When a file is selected the dialog has three tabs – General, MPC, C. Select the options that you want to apply to the file (see Project Settings dialog Options)

  3. Click OK.

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