Changing Breakpoint Condition

The simplest sort of breakpoint breaks every time your program reaches a specified place. You can also specify a "condition" for a breakpoint. A condition is just a Boolean expression in the mpC programming language. A conditional expression mustnít contain communications, network type conversions and function calls. A breakpoint with a condition evaluates the expression each time your program reaches it, and your program stops only if the condition is TRUE. By default a breakpoint has no conditional expression.

To specify a condition expression for a breakpoint

  1. From the Edit menu, choose Breakpoints.

  2. In the Debug Object manager dialog on the Breakpoints tab select the breakpoint you want to modify and click the Modify button.

  3. In the breakpoint dialog in the Condition text box, type an expression, such as x==3, that evaluates to true or false, or change the existing expression.

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