Working with mpC daemon

mpC daemon is a program, which executes commands received from the client part of mpC Workshop. When you debug a program using the mpC parallel debugger the client part of mpC Workshop passes all commands to the mpC daemon and the daemon performs these commands. To start debugging your mpC Workshop client must be connected to server, which is mpC daemon. You can start the mpC daemon either locally, on your machine, or on a remote machine. In the former case the mpC daemon is started with mpcd command from the command line. If you want to debug your program on some remote computer first make sure that the mpC daemon is started on this computer. If the daemon isn't started on the remote machine you must open telnet session on this machine and start the daemon with mpcd command. On the machine, to which you are going to connect, Telnet service must be started. Remember that the directory containing mpC daemon executable must be included in the %PATH% environment variable on the computer. If the debugged program hangs for some reason you should stop the mpC daemon with Ctrl+C, execute the following command line: mpckill executable_name, start the daemon again and connect to server by choosing Connect to server from the Build menu (see Connecting to Server)

To open telnet session

  1. Click Start, click Run, and then type telnet. You can also type telnet at the command prompt. Note that to use Telnet, you must have the TCP/IP protocol installed and configured on your computer and you must have a user account established on a remote host.

  2. Type open [hostname]. To display help for Telnet, type help at the command prompt