Customizing the Text Editor

The mpC Workshop integrated Text editor supports syntax coloring based on the mpC language. Syntax coloring uses different colors for various code elements, such as keywords or comments. This coloring gives you visual cues about the structure and state of your code.

You can set font style, size, and color for each code element to suit your preferences and work habits. You can also set fonts in the left margin of the Text editor window.

To change a font style, size, or color

  1. From the Tools menu, choose Options.

  2. Select the Format tab.

  3. In the Category box, select the component of the Text editor window you want to format. To change appearance of the source code choose Source Windows, to change font in the left margin select ????.

  4. In the Font box, select the font you want. The Font box displays the different fonts installed on your system. The text sample in the sample box changes to the font you select.

  5. In the Size box, select the font size you want. The Size box displays the sizes available for the selected font. The text sample in the sample box changes to the size you select.

  6. In the Colors box, select the type of text you want to color.

  7. In the Background box, select a background color; in the Foreground list box, select a foreground color.

  8. Click OK.

The font and size settings apply to everything within the selected category, while the foreground and background color settings apply only to the selected element of that category.

To change a tab size

  1. From the Tools menu, choose Options.

  2. In the Tab size of the Editor tab specify tab character size. You can also choose if the appropriate number of space will be inserted instead of tab characters.

  3. Click OK.