mpC Workshop

To keep competitive ability every business must carry out a lot of tasks requiring a huge amount of computing power. Usually, this power is found in specialized parallel systems. But it's more natural to use power of office networks for performing these tasks. Total performance of an ordinary office network of PCs is comparable to that of specialized parallel systems. In addition to that, only 10% of performance potential of such network is utilized even when it is being used for routine office work. So almost any network of WindowsTM-based desktop computers can be used for solving computationally intensive problems even in work hours.

To help you to harness unused computing power of your PCs networks Arithnet Technical Services and Institute for System Programming of Russian Academy of Science propose mpC Workshop a parallel integrated development environment for WindowsTM platform. mpC Workshop is an innovative development environment that makes efficient parallel programming easier then ever. It consists of a set of tools the main of which is a convenient parallel debugger.

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